In the Tomson group, we make the effort to involve ourselves in the local community by participating in a series of outreach events throughout the Philadelphia area. We believe in being good neighbors and do so by using our resources to improve chemical education in surrounding schools and neighborhoods. Below are candid photos from some of the events we have participated in during the past two years.

Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science (PAGES) 2017 Part 2

Laura and Xiujing returning to PAGES for an afternoon of chemistry!

Chemistry Research Academy 2017

Sam M., Alex, Xiujing, and Ariana shared their research with the 46 high school students enrolled in the Chemistry Research Academy. Following the talk, Sam M., Alex, Xiujing, and Ariana gave students interactive tours of the lab and engaged the students in a UV-vis experiment with some of Alex's copper complexes.

Laboratory tours followed the research talk

Xiujing involves students in colorful transition metal metathesis reactions

Ariana demonstrates standard rotovap technique

Activites for Community Education in Scienece (ACES) 2017

Ariana pouring liquid nitrogen for the famous liquid nitrogen ice cream

Passing out spoons for the most important part!

Alex crosslinking the students in a "hands-on" demonstration

Philadelphia Science Festival 2017

A collaborative effort between the Tomson and Fakhraai groups

Introducing the crowd to the "triangle of fire"

Alex melts the potassium chlorate...goodbye gummy bear!

Science Cafe 2017 "Chemical Lightning: Using Electrostatic Fields to Make Alternative Fuels"

Neil giving his talk to the public

Lighting up a Lichtenberg figure for the audience

Alex showing off the group's homebuilt Wimshurst machine

Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science (PAGES) 2017

Laura and Xiujing create max enthusiasm!

Laura looking good for the camera

What else can we put into the liquid nitrogen?

Philadelphia Materials Day 2017

Ariana and Sam discussing the chemistry behind polymerization with a local youth

Ariana assisting in a hands-on demo where students can polymerize their own bouncy balls by crosslinking Elmer's glue with borax

Start Talking Science 2016

Xiujing presenting our chemistry to community members of all ages and levels of expertise

Alex engaging with an interested party

Xiujing being photogenic for the camera

Nano Day 2016

Laura serving as a distinguished judge in the 2016 Nano Day High School Science Fair


Philadelphia Science Festival 2016

Alex introducing a future chemist to acid/base indicators

Alex: "Smile for the camera!"

Child: "Far too much to learn."

Discussing the chemistry of combustion before burning a gummy bear in molten potassium perchlorate

Philadelphia Materials Day 2016

Sam and Alex working alongside the Schelter group at Philadelphia Materials Day

Activites for Community Education in Scienece (ACES) 2015

Sam assisting with ACES outside of Vagelos Laboratories

Sam enjoying a laugh with local middle school students

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